Friday, February 25, 2011

Will Nikon D4 be the first Thunderbolt DSLR?

We just got word that the Nikon D4 will be the first DSLR to support Thunderbolt. The rumor became known a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until the other part of the rumor (the new Macbooks) came out that the Nikon rumor appeared more valid.

You see, the rumor was that the Nikon D4 will be getting “Lightpeak” (now Thunderbolt) and that new “Lightpeak” computers were on the way (early 2011 Macbooks). This won’t mean too much for most people; but for those looking to shoot lots of HD DSLR video, especially in movie productions, this will be a nice feature.

Now the Macbook Pro comes packing Thunderbolt, it seems eminently possible that the Nikon D4 rumour will come to fruition to make it the first Thunderbolt DSLR. For folk shooting tonnes of HD video, a Thunderbolt-packing DSLR would be a dream. Let’s hope we get it!


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